What is Image Optimization in On-page SEO?

What is Image Optimization in On-page SEO santhosh natarajan

Image optimization is the process of optimizing the image to present search engine query related results. for example, google search engine can show image search related results. The optimizing process depends on image size, ALT TXT, image name. image optimization is one of the on-page SEO methods.

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Google Search Console Image Results:

If we optimize our image properly its can get a better rank on the search engine result page. we can check our website image performance in the google search console tool.

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OnPage SEO Image optimization steps:

Image Size Optimization:

website loading speed is acting important role to get better rank in search engines and it gives better customer experience. if we put a large size image its took more data to load the webpage so it affects website speed and user experience so our website gets bounce rate getting high ultimately our we low rank on the search engine result page. we can compress our image size without losing the quality of the image. keep below 100kb for image size.

Image size compressor sites list:

  1. compressor.io
  2. https://smallseotools.com/image-compressor/
  3. https://compressjpeg.com/
  4. https://compressimage.toolur.com/
  5. https://tinyjpg.com/

Image Alt Txt Optimization:

The image alt text used to tell your image information to the search engine. so the search engine shows your image to a relevant search query. keep your alt txt character under 156. without alt text, the search engine can’t read the image purpose. so the image can’t present the search engine result page.

HTML sample alt txt tag:

<img src=”img_girl.jpg” alt=”Girl in a jacket” width=”500″ height=”600″>

WordPress Alt txt:

WordPress allows you to easily add image alt text. anyone can do the work very easily without coding knowledge.

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Don’t use another website image to your website, google algorithm can easily identify your copy paste work so it gives a negative impact on your website ranking. and the image original owner can compliant your copy past work to google. if google confirms the malpractice its can block your domain. so please don’t use another website image.

How to avoid image copy right problem:

if you use another website image you should mention the image source this approach can prevent the copyright problem.

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Customer experience:

If we give more customer experience to our website visitors can stay more time on our site so the bounce rate getting low the website can rank better. Visitors like image, GIF, animation files more than content so give infographic information or more images relevant to the topic. It gives more value to the customers.

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