21 Awesome methods to Get Free Advertising on Google & Other Digital and Traditional Ways

21 Awesome methods to Get Free Advertising on Google & Other Digital and Traditional Ways

When you see the word advertising, paid methods presumably come to mind. Pay-per-click ads, affiliate marketing, Cost-Per-Click, hiring an SEO professional, and so on. it’d surprise you to listen to that not all methods of advertisement cost money — not even on Google. explaining this post, I’m getting to cover 21 easy ways you’ll get free advertising on Google and other places., both online and offline.
We’ll first check out free methods of gaining exposure on Google, on social media, then close off with additional free methods which will assist you to gain exposure both online and off.



Google has 3.5 billion searches per day, Google may be a hotspot for consumers. And with its location-based and rich results, it’s ingrained in our daily lives style because the go-to tool for, well, anything — getting the weather, vetting services, buying tickets, seeing if an area store is open, finding products, answering quick questions, and therefore the list goes on. during this section, we’ll cover some methods your local business can implement to urge on this huge trafficked program for free of charge.

1.Write Meaningful Meta Title

Perhaps the simplest sort of free advertising on Google is a useful meta title. Publish website pages and blog posts frequently that answer general questions your ideal customers are looking up, and use SEO best practices to assist your pages to rank top in search results. These pages will help your business to urge ahead of individuals who don’t yet realize your business. The more times you provide the knowledge they have, the more they’re going to believe you, and therefore the more likely they’re going to be to settle on you once they need a service or product.

2.Write Useful Meta Description

Another simple free advertising on google is meaning full meta description. Regularly publish blog posts and webpage provides useful information for target and general customers. and the help of SEO to write better meta descriptions to reach more online customers without spending money on advertisement.

3.Get Special Attributes Mentioned in Reviews

If your business offers a unique feature or is popular, make it useful writing about! In the example below, when you search on Google for “candlelight dinner in Trichy,” restaurants appear first whose reviews mention candlelight dinner.
You can optimize this easy free advertising method for other features of your business such as a 24×7 service, urgent repair, or same-day service

4.Mention Important Features in Your Google My Business Description

Another path you can get your business some free showcase on Google is by mentioning popular features in your Google My Business description. You’ll see in the example below that Janik’s Cafe shows up on Google for “breakfast all day Chicago.” It’s not likely by coincidence that their description contains the term “all-day breakfast & lunch.”

5.Mention Unique Features on Your Website

In extra to your Google business listing, mentioning your unique features on your website can also get you some free, first-page advertising on Google. In the example below, Lou Mitchell’s shows up in results for “Breakfast all day downtown Chicago” simply because their website include “breakfast all day”You can optimize this easy free advertising method for other features of your business such as a 24×7 service, urgent repair, or same-day service

6.Active on Local SEO

Local SEO is your tried and the right path to free advertising on Google. If you place location-based keywords in the correct places on your website, you can appear first in organic results for searches that include your service or product plus your location.

In the example below, “best SEO course in Trichy”, Inc. shows up first in the local search of results, and their website ranks number one in organic results. They have their website optimized to appear for “relevant search term + Trichy.”

7.List Your Business on Directories

There are many directories apart from Google My Business that showing on Google. Directories like just dial and sulekha, yelp that are around for a short time are most trusted by Google, and their pages often appear abreast of the primary page of Google.

For example, if you search “best tattoo in Trichy,” you’ll see that the second organic results are sulekha pages listing the Body Tattoo Pricing shops in Trichy. The meta descriptions for those pages mention Skinart Tattoo & Body Piercing, Why Why Y, Niveda Fashion Planet, Cordantatz, Sri Ganesh salon, and everyone Stitched Up. All five of those businesses have gotten free advertising on Google just by having strong sulekha listings.

Other examples of free local and category directories that can help you appear on Google include Home Advisor, Trip Advisor, Angie’s List, and Yellowpages.

8.Publish Unique Content on Your Internal Data

What have you ever learned from your website internal data within the past month, quarter, year, or more? have you ever gained valuable insights on finance, sales, marketing, designing, or human resources? If so, share what you’ve found to assist others. In doing so, you’ll earn the trustworthiness of your readers.

A good example of this is “firstpagesage” SEO benchmarks by industry content.

9.Submit a Guest Post or Blog Post to a High-Domain Authority Site

Have you written an opinion? A domain-specific informational post? If so, it’s worth submitting to a high-domain authority site with a large audience. make certain to pick a trustable, well-known site in your industry that already gets sufficient exposure on Google.

10.Make Sure 100% Optimize Your Google Business Listing

There’s no easy way to advertise your business on Google for free than with a well-optimized Google My Business listing. In fact, on average, 100% optimized Google My Business listings get 10x more clicks and are 60% more likely to lead to conversion than empty listings.

As you’ll see within the example below, the “Santhosh Natarajan in Trichy” Knowledge Panel listing provides a wealth of data that encourages worth customers to settle on them.

They have all of their contact information listed, over 19 reviews, an entire description, the power to possess a web appointment, answers in their Q&A section, Request A Quote listed, and are synced up with Products listing, Categories, Service. Customers also can view photos of the outside and interior of the business and up-to-date posts.

11.Offer Zero Fee Consultations

If you provide a service where you’ll offer free trials, assessments, consultations, or classes — try it out for a few free exposures on Google. Create perfect calls to action on your website and make a fanatical landing page that targets “free consultation” (or whichever free service you’re ready to give). this may help your page rank on Google for people seeking out free consults in their area.

Another Ways to urge Free Advertising — Online & Offline

Google isn’t the sole place where you ought to hunt down a free path to realize exposure. Don’t ditch the social media platforms out there! And also, make use of some traditional marketing methods too. Here are some paths to realize free advertising for your business in your specific community, both online and offline.

1.Do Regular Post to Social Media

Social media networks are free. Use Facebook to plug your knowledgeable blog posts and encourage answers and questions within the comments. Optimize Instagram to provide short benefits and how-tos your services and products. Use LinkedIn to publish thought professional pieces and network with other businesses people. You’ll get a free showcase to the audience while also driving decent traffic to your website and building your trust.

2.Join & Actively Participate in Online Groups

Optimize the groups and forums on Facebook, Linked In, and category-wise sites to your advantage. You don’t need to hard-sell or constantly mention your business (don’t do that, in fact). Simply take part in relevant conversations and supply your knowledge free of charge. Becoming a reputable contributor can get potential leads and business partners will notice your business.

3.Engage With a Digital Platforms Influencer

A engage with a respected influencer in your business industry can earn you free exposure to a good audience. Have them try your service or product and review it on their social media, website, or blog. Or request to publish a guest post on their blog. These potential opportunities cost nothing more than your time, and aside from giving you some cost less advertising, help to grow to strengthen your target network.

4.Run a Special Social Media Contest or Giveaway

A Special social media contest & giveaways create excitement. They get people speaking…or, you’ll tell, tagging. Often, people tag family and friends who share an equivalent habit or interests. This could be the best way to get free business advertising. you would possibly even require your followers to tag somebody else to qualify for the prize.

5.Support User-Generated Content

Supporting the submission of user-created content is really like getting double the paid advertising, as this sort of content generally results not only in wide of tagging but also wide of sharing, which further improve the reach of your business. Your content followers will interest to share on their accounts the content they submit with you. Hence, you’ll reach their audiences also. Additionally, if your followers just like the content they’ll repost the user-generated content for your share on your accounts. That’s very huge of free advertising!

6. Posters on Community Bulletin Boards or Hang Flyers & Brochures

If you have a community center or similar facility in your local business area? If so, Hang eye-catching flyers and posters then make use of the available bulletin boards. that improve awareness of your business. many people assemble at such community centers for various events. you’ve got an excellent opportunity to catch their attention. try to do this, provide a robust message that’s highly matched to the sort of individuals that meet there.

7.Support Your Local Community

if you work to make a positive effect on your community, free advertising is a common result. Being helpful and active gets your brand name out there, which strongly results in direct sales. Yet, it also increases your brand image. When people have a plus sign of your business, they will refer others to you. Sponsor a sports team or school, college. Volunteer for an urgent cause. Run an effective group that adds value to your community in some great way.

8.Create and submit a Press Release content to Your Local Newspaper

If you have newsworthy, interesting information to share? If so, don’t miss out on the chance to expand the news far and wide. Submit your press release to the local area newspaper. This press release costs you nothing and will get your business in front of the eyes of many people than you’d be able to get otherwise.


Being interviewed has an advantage. People learn more about you on the initial contact than they would in many other instances. You have the chance to truly get them excited about and emotionally invested in your business. Additionally, you can distribute your interviews in several ways. You can share them in the newspaper, as videos on your company’s YouTube channel, on blogs, on social media, and so forth. Don’t forget also that you can interview a popular or influential individual among your target audience.

10.Provide a Referral Program Widely

Whether online or in-store, referrals engaging word-of-mouth marketing, which has the best & easy effective form of free advertising. Offer incentives such as deals, discounts, and other offers, to the referrer or both the referee and referrer.

Beauty parlor referral program

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Benefits of Free Advertising on Google & in Your Community With These 21 methods

If you’re looking to get wide eyes on your business on social media, Google, or in your physical local community, the methods covered in this post can guide you to reach just that. Let’s do a fast recap to sum everything up:

1.Write Meaningful Meta Title
2.Write Useful Meta Description
3.Get Special Attributes Mentioned in Reviews
4.Mention Important Features in Your Google My Business Description
5.Mention Unique Features on Your Website
6.Active on Local SEO
7.List Your Business on Directories
8.Publish Unique Content on Your Internal Data
9.Submit a Guest Post or Blog Post to a High-Domain Authority Site
10.Make Sure 100% Optimize Your Google Business Listing
11.Offer Zero Fee Consultations
12.Do Regular Post to Social Media
13.Join & Actively Participate in Online Groups
14.Engage With a Digital Platforms Influencer
15.Run a Special Social Media Contest or Giveaway
16.Support User-Generated Content
17.Posters on Community Bulletin Boards or Hang Flyers & 18.Brochures7.Support Your Local Community
19.Create and submit a Press Release content to Your Local Newspaper
21.Provide a Referral Program Widely