How to Select Digital Marketing freelancer or Agency in Trichy

How to Select Digital Marketing freelancer or Agency company in Trichy santhosh natarajan

Nowadays can see easily many digital marketing agency and freelancer in Trichy and other city’s but select the suitable one is very difficult. here I explained 5 important things for how to select a digital marketing freelancer or agency.


1.Don't believe reviews:

Many companies or freelancers now create fake reviews they ask them to friends and family to put some positive for their profile. so be careful before falling down the reviews.
Some agencies or freelancers doing a great job so they get proper reviews so how to find good reviews?

  • If the review id does not have a profile pic 90% its a fake review
  • check the freelancer or agencies review if they got form google local guide person’s it’s maximum true reviews.

2.Check Some Practical Results:

If you plan to give some digital marketing works to agencies or freelancers check them before done project result. for example, If you ready to give SEO work for them before you need to check below things

  • Ask them current ranking keywords and check your ownself
    SEO result will take minimum 4-month maximum 6 so if they told you to “we can bring your website in 1st position within a month” please don’t believe
  • Don’t believe third parties tools so check google ranking tools only


Do you go to give a high budget digital marketing project to freelancers or agencies? before giving the work you need to verify some parameters

  • Check their current ranking keywords for website or blog.
  • Ask them to show marketing(Google, Facebook) campaign result in CPC, CPM, Conversion rate.
  • Check them achieved social media pages wise how many followers they have? how many subscribers they have? how many pages like they got? like those things, you need to verify.

4.Same Industry knowledge:

If you running groceries shop so you plan to launch a mobile application for nearby your shop people so you searching the right digital marketing agency or freelancer. In this scenario how to find the right one?

The digital marketing agency or freelancer must have some experience in groceries related campaigns like app promotion, store visit, location-based ads If they did check them previous results CPC, Conversion rate, Bid strategy. all the things fine go with them.


Recent days many freelancers just complete the digital marketing course after that they directly come to the market so they don’t have the proper experience and the digital marketing agencies hire the freshers for digital marketing works because they no need to give much salary so becare full if you choose agencies please check who will be going to handle your project.

If you ready to give a project to digital marketing freelancer please check they have a minimum of 2 years’ experience.