The Reasons Why We Love 8 Benefits Of Google My Business

google my busines benefits santhosh natarajan


What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool that helps to create a local business listing on google. when the customer search business on google search & map it will appear.

8 Benefits for Having Google My Business:

1.Free online presence:

Before GMB (Google My Business) arrived it was very difficult to get an online presence for small business owners but GMB is allowed to create a local business listing on google. whenever the customer searches for the business details at google your business will show google search & map.

google my business trichy santhosh natarajan

2.Share your business details:

GMB tool helps you to share business details likewise below

  • Business Description
  • Location, Address, Phone number
  • Business category
  • Shop working Hours
  • Shop special opening time
  • Service providing area
  • Business highlight (car parking, free wifi, wheelchair entrance)
  • Online appointment form

Above all detail, we can share the internal with the help of Google my business and it shows whenever the customer searches on google.

google my business details trichy santhosh natarajan

3.Easily showcase product or service:

The product catalog will help the customer to understand what kind of product we have right now. so GMB allows you to create categories and products. we can give a brief explanation of the product and can upload images related to the product. 

An important part of the product is the CTA(Call to Action) button. The button helps the customer to reach the owner easily.

google my business product trichy santhosh natarajan

4.Get review from customers:

Customer feedback or review helps the business owner to re correct the customer dissatisfaction things and update the business to the next level. GMB allows you to collect the review and rating from customers. you can reply to the customer reviews.

google my business reviews trichy santhosh natarajan

5.Chat with your customer:

A business owner can chat with customers to solve doubts and business-related questions or issues. but these features only work on the GMB mobile app version.

google my business message trichy santhosh natarajan

6.Upload Photos, Videos & post:

GMB gives various of photo upload method likewise

  1. Identity(Logo, Banner) photos
  2. Shopworkers or team members photos
  3. Videos
  4. Customers can upload images 
  5. Work time photos
  6. Shop interior and exterior photos
  7. Product photo

Google My Business GMB allows you to put various method of post likewise

  1. Business update information post
  2. Offer related post
  3. Event-related post
  4. COVID update post
google my business post trichy santhosh natarajan

7.Customer can easily reach the shop:

GMB tools help to reach your store by new customers. whenever the new customer clicks the direction button on google maps it automatically shows how to reach your store with proper direction by walk, bike, car, or public transports and guidelines.


8.Free website:

The last benefit is extremely wonderful because we need to spend a minimum Rs5000(Domain name+Server+Developer) for a single page website but the GMB tool gives the website as a free. we can not edit the website page it automatically builds itself by which we give in business details. we can change the website theme only and can add a custom domain name.

google my business website trichy santhosh natarajan